Support Tooling

L-Style Setup Gauge

  • Designed and manufactured for use during machine setup

Automatic wire assembly machine

  • Operator loaded 3 bent wires
  • Machine cycle automatically finished forming the bent wires, clipped the components into a single assembly and inspected the clips using a vision system

Hydraulic End Forming Machine

  • Machine produced a stop bead in the middle of a tube. Center of bead to the end of the tube was a maximum of 6 feet.
  • Several versions produced with multiple number of end stops

Automatic clip assembly machine

  • Operator loads 4 plastic clips and 1 hose assembly
  • Machine cycle automatically attaches the clips onto the hose assembly. Closes the clip lid and automatically performs a pull test on each individual clip

Automatic bracket assembly machine

  • Operator loads 2 metal clips, 1 bracket and 1 hose assembly
  • Machine cycle: automatically detects the presence of all required components and then extends the clip locators to securely attach the bracket to the hose assembly

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